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First of all, what is crowdfunding? Forbes magazine describes crowdfunding as a form of crowdsourcing where a certain amount of people contributes in either a project, a company or a product. In the last years there arise different forms of crowdfunding. The most common one results in people giving a loan to a company. Most of the time this will result in a tax benefiet. Secondly you can buy products of a company who already made the product with a discount.

Being one of the first to buy the product, a so called Early-Bird or ambassador, will often give you a discount. So here you get the advantage of a discount by buying a product through crowdfunding.

Our goal, with Ledsreact®, is to sell our products with an Early-Bird discount to all people who are interested. Other rewards can also be bought through the campaign such as a T-shirt, soccer ball, … . Furthermore, through investigation we have discovered that sports teams focusing on disabled people often don’t have the budget needed to buy sports products. That is why we invented a system where people can support these sport teams.

What is the advantage of supporting our crowdfunding campaign?
1. Firstly, you will have an Early-Bird discount by buying a Direction
2. Secondly, you will be one of the first to have this innovative product
3. And lastly, you will have the opportunity of becoming an ambassador of Ledsreact

Employers organization “Voka” estimated that in 2016 there was 8 million Euros spend on crowdfunding in Belgium. To compare with a nation where crowdfunding was born, in the United States of America in 2015 there was 1,2 billion dollars spend on crowdfunding. Our conclusion is that it has just began in Belgium. That is why Ledsreact® wants to use also. We are an innovative company who is using innovative ways to get our products with our customers.

Are you ready to support our campaign and get one of our rewards? Then visit our Facebook page as soon as you can and check out the rewards, benefits and our story. Besides this, you can find amazing videos showing how Direction works.

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