Sports and motivation

We have seen that there is a lot of potential with Direction. At the moment we are doing some test projects to introduce the system in badminton, squash and handball. In these sports, reaction speed and agility are very important. Besides that, the motivation of the athlete will gain a victory. Let’s talk about motivation. There are two sorts of motivation: intrinsic and extrinsic motivation.

The difference between intrinsic and extrinsic motivation is mostly explained with a story called ‘the game and the marbles’. The first group of people are motivated because of the game. They want to win the game because it is fun and they can gain the honor of being a winner. The second group of people are motivated by actions outside of the game itself. For example, if they win the game there is a reward for the winner. People who are extrinsic motivated are playing for the reward instead of the game itself. Neither of these is the best motivation. It just has to fit in your own comfort zone.

Hanne Maudens, who has a bronze medal on the WC U20 2016 in Poland, was present on the 3th of March. She was talking about her own motivation. For example, when she has an important contest she prepares herself by watching a video about a little zebra who is winning a horseback riding competition. This is intrinsic motivation; her goal is to win the game for the fun or the honor to win!

To keep her motivated to train every day she and her coach are continually looking for new exercises and methods to train. That is why Direction is so important in everyone’s training. Because the system gives an athlete and a coach many opportunities for exercises it can be fun for anyone.

Furthermore, we have seen that sports with disabled people is more difficult. That is because intrinsic motivation of these groups can change within a couple of minutes. That is why Ledsreact started the crowdfunding inside the crowdfunding. At the moment there are four G-sports teams that will get a direction device for free, sponsored by our community.

APRIL 7, 2017

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