meet the direction

The direction is a smart sports cone created to elevate your training. No need to shout at your players and no need for individual instructions. Just hit start and you're good to go.

Both trainers and players can benefit from using our smart sports cone. Trainers can focus on feedback moments while players can work on optimising their results.


Colors and directions

Select your colors, directions, opposite directions, combinations... for a dynamic training.


simple but strong

Just hit the button to start, that’s it, no need for configuration. It’s so simple, you’ll love to use it.


long battery life

You get 40h of battery life on a single charge.


Water resistant

Training in the rain? No problem! The direction is 100% water proof.

Value trainer

Optimize your feedback moment  and guide more athletes at the same time.

On the field, you are often working with multiple athletes at the same time. Because of this, you don't always have time to individually focus on agility with the athletes. 

The Ledsreact Direction takes over your operational tasks of giving instructions, so that you can have multiple athletes working at the same time, while you can focus on what matters.

Value player

Optimise the results.

Improved performance is not only related to the training but also to the training tools you use in your training.

Applying the Ledsreact Direction is a guarantee to optimize your agility, speed and decision making so that you quickly get advantages over your opponent. 

Oh, by the way. The Ledsreact Direction also increases the motivation of your team.

the mount

The Mount allows you to use the Ledsreact Direction at eye level on a net, training pole or wall, making your training even more game-like. 

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These flatcones have the same colors as the signals from Direction. Order now so you don't have to look any further for the right colors.

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